Should You Install The Leatrix Plus Addon In Wow Classic?

Wow Classic Leatrix Plus allows you to automate your quests (select and acceptance). You are free to add exceptions about quests that need gold. It even goes up to the extent of gossip, providing you the option to input key binds and macros.

It gives you the freedom to avoid specific interactions, and that’s a great way to save time. It supports English, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, and the list goes on.

Classic LeatrixPlus is a modular addon which is a lot faster and efficient. It’s free of external dependencies and libraries as it has been coded in a single file in majority Lua.
Do you want to know how you can club Leatrix Plus and Bartender 4 to get maximum results?

How to start using LeatrixPlus?

Leatrix Plus is an addon that comes without any kind of defaults. So, to set options, and make the most out of the addon, you will have to configure it. Right through the optional panel, you will be able to perform the configuration. Trust us, it’s very easy and straightforward. Most of the options are rather easy checkbox controls that even a school going kid would be able to understand it.

Hit on the minimap option and you will have access to the options panel. It’s true that most of the outcome is instant, though, certain options may require a UI reload before it initiates. Whichever option required this, that will be marked with a *. Whenever there’s a need of UI reload, the reload option would pop up at the down area in the options panel. Leatrix Plus has to stay modular in design, and that’s why the UI reloads are necessary.

Also, certain options have their own additional configuration panels, which can be seen after activating the respective addon. At times, you may also need to reload the UI to see the additional configuration option.

Wow Classic Leatrix Plus Features:

Wow Classic Leatrix Plus

  • Block duel requests from players who are not a part of your guild or is not your friend
  • Easily add an effective volume control (character sheet)
  • Immediately release after you are killed in a PVP (battleground)
  • The junk items are automatically sold to the merchants that you interact with. The Merchants that don’t deal in the grey items are excluded from the list.
  • For easy jumping between whispers and group chats, you may disable sticky chat.
  • Automatically repair the armor with character funds or guild funds, when you go to interact with a repair merchant.
  • The pet and portrait frames healing and damage numbers can be hidden.
  • Hide loots and achievements alerts
  • To lower the nausea, you may disable the screen glow.
  • Inbuilt media player to play the various game music tracks.


  • How To Open Up Classic Leatrix Plus?

Ans: You can open up the chat box and type /ltp, or you may, head to the mini map, and hit on the Leatrix button.

  • How To View The Slash Commands For The Addon?

Ans: Type in /ltp help to view all the slash commands of LeatrixPlus.

  • Is It Possible To Move The Buff/Debuff Window Through Leatrix Plus?

Ans: Yes, the addon not only lets you move the buff/debuff window, but also has a variety of other quality of life options too in the stock, that you should definitely be looking forward to. Some of those options we have already listed up in the features, but to check others or them also in detail, we want you to try and use the addon on your own. Remember, nothing can replace the practical experience for no matter what the addons are.


Leatrix Plus Classic is a 100% Lua product that makes the whole leveling process easy peasy. Infact, if you have some to spare then click here to read about different quests, attunements, addons, and many other activities in Wow Classic.

We have seen and experienced the greatness of Leatrix Plus, and now it’s time for you to experience the same. Go ahead and start enjoying the addon!

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