How To Install Wow Classic Addons In 2021

Do You want to install wow classic addons? Once people get into World of Warcraft Classic, one of the top goals that they strive for is to tailor the game as per their liking. Addons have been an integral part of the game from pretty long, and in the last few years, the fame and popularity of the Classic addons seems to have touched the shores. 

If you have been a regular and old Wow Player, then you won’t have much issues with the process of installing the addons, however if you are new to the game, or haven’t been up to date with it for some time, the you may need to check out the whole addons classic installation process.

Regular Method: Steps To Install Wow Classic Addons on PC:

Install wow classic addons

  • Once you have successfully downloaded your addon zip file, head to its download location. Generally, by default, the Downloads directory is set as the download location.
  • Open the zip file, and with the help of any reliable ZIP reader and editor, extract all the files to the WoW Classic Addons folder (C:/Program File (x86)/World of Warcraft/_Classic_/Interface/AddOns.)

Note: If, by chance, your chosen default installation location is different, then you will have to head to the respective directory to find the World of Warcraft folder.

  • After the extraction has been performed, there would be a new folder under your Addons folder. The new folder would most probably represent the mod’s name, and upon the start of the game, it would get activated.

Regular Method: Steps To Install Wow Classic Addons on MacOS:

Install wow classic addons

  • When it comes to the world of Apple MacOS, the Addons deployment process sees a little change, but other than that, there’s nothing much to worry about.
  • Download your addon and head to the Downloads folder of your device. That’s the place where you are going to find your downloaded File. Usually, you can find the Downloads folder somewhere next to Favourites.
  • Open up your zip file from the downloaded location and extract all the files to a new folder with the same name that goes off the mod.
  • In the dock, take over the cursor  to the finder icon and press ctrl+click. After that, right from the top, select New Finder Window.
  • Locate the Applications folder, and in most cases, it can be found somewhere in the left column closer to favorites.
  • Please search for the World of Warcraft folder and press on it for the enlargement.
  • Now, locate the _classic folder inside the directory you are currently in and then click on the Interface folder.
  • The extracted folder has to be now dragged into the Interface folder from the initial finder window.
  • That’s it! Start your game and see the effects rolling up!

Alternative Method: Steps To Install Wow Addons (PC & Mac)

Install wow classic addons

  • If you are looking for a unique and different method for installing the Classic add ons, you got to check out this Twitch method. This method is pretty straightforward, as it eradicates the need to download and extract files here and there.
  • Install Twitch Client, open it, and input your login credentials.
  • Head to the Mods tab and choose World of Warcraft
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the Classic folder.
  • Search and browse through the variety of available addons to install them.


  • My Addon Isn’t Updating Or Seems To Be Glitchy. What To Do? 

Ans: Go to Twitch, and see if you are able to update the addon or not. Try to even check if there’s a manual update available. If not, then probably the developer of the addon no more is interested in the developments of his/her addon.

  • Is It Necessary To Install Addons? 

Ans: Of course it’s not! Though, seeing the condition of WOW Classic we feel that the addons should be made mandatory. Addons come in all kinds, and depending upon your needs, you may go for some specific ones.


That’s pretty much how you install the addons on your system. There are various ways to install the WOW Classic addons, as you would have witnessed for yourself. Based on your needs, and technical level, feel free to go with your preferred addon installation guide. In case, you have any doubts or queries, then hit us in the comments below.

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