A Definite Guide On Wow Classic IceHUD In 2021

Wow Classic IceHUD is more of a pop up addon that lets you keep track of your mana level, enemy health, pet health, etc.

Just go ahead and place the different perimeters right along to your character so that you can focus on the main task/s in the middle of the screen. The addon is a lot customizable in terms of the whole shape, style, and appearance of the meters. Also, do you know which addon goes well with IceHUD? It’s Bartender4 as it also has to deal with bars!

The module settings is the place from where you can decide whether or not you want to enable the addon options. In our opinion, Wow Classic IceHUD is a significantly more accessible and fantastic addon to keep track of your bars and meters.

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How to start using IceHUD?

Once you have installed IceHUD into your system, it’s time to start to fiddle around a little here and there with the settings. Everything can be controlled with the slash commands. The main slash commands for the addon are /icehud and /icehudCL.

The prior one is used to access the configuration UI to fiddle any setting, whereas /icehudCL is used to gain access to command-line to adjust the IceHUD settings. From here, you would be able to get on well! Also, we have covered some examples of the commands in the FAQ section.

Classic IceHUD Main Features:

WOW Classic IceHUD

  • It’s a modular addon, allowing you to customize the features, as per your need. Henceforth, making it work great on slower CPUs too.
  • Sports brilliant built-in class functions, including, sunder tracker (warriors), Slice & Dice timers (rogues), etc.
  • Out of the box, you get a variety of setups and textures
  • Contains a lot of amazing bars
  • Cast lag indicator (optional)
  • Highly customizable, right from change of text display to arrangement of different bars
  • Variety of modules, including crowd control timers, target of target bars, threat meters, range finders, and the list goes on.


1.Is it possible to hide the default Blizzard player, target unit frames and party unit frames?

Ans: Yes, to do the same, follow the steps:

  • Type /icehud
  • Head to Module Settings, and expand it.
  • Hit on Target Health
  • Tick Hide Blizzard Frame, and Hide Blizzard Party Frame

2.Is it possible to disable the resting/combat/PvP/etc. icons on target or player?

Ans: Yes, to do the same, follow the steps:

  • Type /icehud
  • Head to Module Settings, and expand it.
  • Hit on PlayerHealth/TargetHealth
  • Click Icon Settings
  • From there, you can easily handle every part of the icon, like draw order, visibility, etc.

3.Why doesn’t the Wow Classic version support buff/debuff timers?

Ans: When the game initially released, this wasn’t an original feature, and that’s why addons don’t have the required data to display up buff or debuff timers


If you have issues in managing up with your health and the enemy health bars, then you must load up Classic IceHUD in your system. Right next to your character, the addon would list up your health and the enemy’s health bars. Doesn’t that sound too relaxing and convenient? If you are confused where to head on from here, then you may also check on other categories of the game by clicking here.

Also, you are free to customize what appears on your game screen, as per your wish. At the center of your screen, you would have access to a variety of data, all thanks to the IceHUD addon of World of Warcraft Classic.

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