10 Things To Know About Wow Classic Deadly Boss Mods

The players engaged in raid and group dungeon, should be definitely having Wow Classic Deadly Boss Mods. When you are in an intense fight, then in those moments, this addon will come to the rescue! It will provide you timers of the events that are going to take place in the fight, various events that are simultaneously taking place in the fight, and suggestions for what you can do in those moments.

To enhance your warcraft experience, you may also try clubbing Deadly Boss Mods with Details! Damage Meter Classic, as they are somewhat on the same line.

The addon includes the necessary information and timers for the five man dungeons, including Blackfathom Deeps, Uldaman, Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, etc.

The classic version contains voice packs in multiple languages, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, etc. Not to forget, that there are various celebrity voice packs too that come loaded in Wow Classic Deadly Boss Mods!

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How to start using Deadly Boss Mods?

Deadly Boss Mods easily works without the need of any sort of customization. Just install it, and directly start using it as you like. The settings panel of the addon can be opened by typing /dbm into the chat window or directly hitting on the minimap icon. Under the Settings panel, you are mainly going to come across Bosses and Options.

The Bosses tab will let you customize settings for certain bosses, even the abilities consisting of timer bars and warnings. The other tab, Options tab, will let you customize different settings varying in different fights, and not only being limited to Bosses tab which just pertains to fight specific. Here, you will find options for filters, timers, etc. For easy access, you will have different links which will guide you across the addon.

Wow Classic Deadly Boss Mods Features:

Wow Classic Deadly Boss Mods Features

  • Helps to track and act to the events that may take place during fights
  • Supports celebrity voice packs
  • Works perfectly well for the five man dungeons
  • Disables the not-so-necessary information for your character during the fights, so that you can focus on the crucial data and activities only.
  • It sports a modular design, which simply means that the plugins are the boss mods, and they can be removed, updated, or exchanged individually.
  • The boss mods will only be loaded when you want them to! They don’t occupy the CPU or Memory until required by the game.
  • It has various voice packs in a variety of languages. The author puts in a lot of mind and effort to extract that perfect voices for the addon. The voice packs add more elegance to the game, rather than just being a distraction. In fact, the nature of the sounds or voice are as per the alerts.
  • If you had a crash during the fight, then need not worry, as the addon will request the combat status data and timer from other players in the raid group.
  • Using custom effects that are about to die, you can enlarge the bars.


How To Change Global Options In Deadly Boss Mods?

Ans: Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open the DBM settings window by entering /dbm in the chat window.
  • At the top right corner, choose the Options tab.
  • Check the left side, and this is where you will have access to a variety of settings, including profile options, Bar Setup, Raid Warnings, etc.
  • This is where you can adjust the parameters that you would like to!

Is It Possible To Configure Special Warnings In Deadly Boss Mods Classic?

Ans: As per your requirements, you are free to customize or tailor the special warnings by heading to the Special Warnings area under the Options tab.


Deadly Boss Mods, also shortly known as DBM, assists the players in tracking the moves of the enemies, so that accordingly, the players can react. DBM is a very heavy feature loaded addon, and to use it to its full efficiency, you must know about the game in-depth.

When we were fiddling around with Classic Deadly Boss Mods, we found that there was so much to DBM, that one has to experience it themselves! Though, out of all different kinds of features, the two characteristics that DBM is mainly known for are Timer Bars and Raid Warnings.

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