A Detailed Guide On Damage Meter Classic In 2021

As the name says, Wow Classic Details! Damage Meter Classic is all about details! This addon has been designed specifically for the Wow classic version. From outside, this mod may look quite complex, but when it comes to the functionality, it’s very easy to use and understand.

It’s a real time addon that displays up the damage and healing that your team is making during an intense fight. Do you know which is a similar and great addon that you can club with Classic Details! Damage Meter? Well, we are talking about Deadly Boss Mods!

It lets you dive deep into the numbers and statistics! You are free to use the addon to know what and when the abilities were used! Also, not to forget about the feature where you can view the detailed death logs. It has so many interesting features, and yet it still manages to be very lightweight! Similarly, there are many more amazing lightweight addons, about which you can read here!

How to start using Details! Damage Meter Classic?

Once the addon is installed, you will be guided through a fast and easy setup, explaining you the main look and feel of the Details. It’s recommended that you don’t skip the setup at all, as it will brief you on most of the important features of th addon.

The setup would include areas like Preferred Numeral System, Quick Appearance Settings, and DPS & HPS Recording Method. After you are done with the installation, feel free to directly start fiddling with the appereance.

Main Features:

WOW Details! Damage Meter Classic

  • Easily view the combat log data in the most stylish and unique rectangular bars.
  • Elegant design
  • Lots and lots of plugins, including encounter analysis, threat meter, etc.
  • Data capture takes place in such a manner so that your frame rate is not affected in any manner, all thanks to the data engine
  • Supports various interfaces and skins
  • No matter how intense a fight gets, the addon is always running on LOW CPU consumption only.
  • Lots of interesting plugins, including chart viewer, time line, etc.
  • With Details! API, program your own custom displays
  • It comes loaded with a lot of raid tools also, that prove helpful during the day by day raiding.
  • Easily bookmark favourite displays
  • Instantly open and shut down the operations
  • Very easy and straightforward to setup


1.Is Details! Damage Meter Classic causing stuttering during raids? Is it the reason behind the lag?

Ans: Out there, we have a variety of addons and damage meters, and out of all of these, Details! Damage Meter Classic is an addon that uses the most minimum CPU resources, required to function. Generally, it isn’t this addon which is causing the lag issues.

To deal with the issue, first of all, ascertain that you are not running any kind of memory counters. Secondly, use Addon CPU Usage for a benchmark test, to find out the addons using your system. Also, don’t forget that the memory usage of an addon isn’t anyhow related to your FPS.

2.Whenever I try to enter WoW, the window closes down! Is it because of WOW Details! Damage Meter Classic?

Ans: In most of the cases, it’s an outside issue, and has nothing much to do with this addon. Try following the below mentioned tips, and see if the issue resolves.

  • Turn off the chat embeds
  • Turn off the addons that have the ability to modify the other addons.
  • Turn off every other addon, excluding Details! Damage Meter Classic
  • Try manual inspection to see which addon is causing the trouble, or you may even seek help from the Discord server.
  • In case, the issue still persists, and there’s no hope for a solution, then you may check out some other alternative tools too by clicking here.

3.My teamates are not able to view my nickname in the raids. What to do?

Ans: The version of the addon should be the same as that of other players. Ascertain that you are a part of the same guild as others. To check which version you are on, just type in /details


Do you know what Makes Classic Damage Meter stand out? Well, to be honest, there are a lot of factors, out of which we have already discussed some above, but all in all, it’s the fact that it comes loaded with so many features at such a lightweight size. If you are someone who’s very much into numbers, then this addon is a must for you!

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