All You Could Know About Wow Classic Bartender4

The action bars in the game can be pretty daunting at times, and that’s where Wow Classic Bartender4 comes to the rescue! It’s the perfect wow classic addon for organizing and key binding the bars.

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How to start using Bartender4?

Install the addon, and after that, you will be able to view a small icon right next to the map. The moment when you require to reorganize the bars just hit on the same icon.

Now that you’ve installed the addon, let’s have a look at other classic addons that can be used to enhance their gaming experience.

You will now be able to arrange the bars in their respective places and as soon as the arrangements are made, select the lock button to finalize the changes.

You are here free to modify each bar’s appearance right from enabling and disabling to adjusting the positioning and adding extra action bars, or you can simply club with another addon named LeatrixPlus.

Also, not to forget that when it comes to buffs, spells, and different actions, you even have the option to attach character specific key binds.

Wow Classic Bartender4 Features:

Wow Classic Bartender4

  • Resize the hotbars
  • Adjust the space between each bar
  • Configure the buttons on the bar
  • Fiddle with essential game features including micro menu, bag bar, etc.
  • Option to disable the inbuilt Blizzard’s art bar
  • Adjust the alpha settings
  • Perfect for those who are in constant shifts of forms, stances, etc.
  • Works well with other mods, especially the ones on the lines of OmniCC .
  • Move and lock the bars on the screen pretty much anywhere.
  • Actions bars support vehicle bar
  • Went through a lot of updates to reach where it is today
  • XP/Reputation Bar
  • Micro Menu


  • Can The Snapping Of The Bars Be Disabled?

Ans: As of now, it’s only possible to temporarily override the snapping by pressing and holding the Shift Key, while the bars are on the move. Or, at the time when your bars are unlocked, untick the option in the pop up.

  • How To Open The Configuration?

Ans: By using the Bartender4 LDB plugin, through the, bt or /bartender (slash commands).

  • Is It Possible To Get More Than 12 Buttons On A Bar?

Ans: Technically, 12 buttons on a bar isn’t possible out of the box through Bartender4. However, with a little bit of customizations, here and there, you may be able to achieve a good number of buttons on a bar. Other similar addons like Dominos may do the work for such a task.

  • What’s A Tip That We Would Recommend To Save Down Time And Energy?

Ans: To save down on frustrations and make keybinding a lot enjoyable, you may try to bind keys to specific spells!


The default action bar is completely replaced with a highly customizable one, all thanks to the Bartender 4. Each and every action bar’s transparency, size, and positioning can be changed to suit the needs of your UI.
It even hides action bars when you aren’t hovering the mouse over them. Classic Bartender4, as the name says, has come a long way, and the updated version that you see today wasn’t like this in the earlier versions.
The developers have worked hard day and night to bring the addon to the stage where it is today.

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