How To Use Wow Classic Bagnon Addon In 2021?

How would it be to have one single location for all your items? Well, if that sounds exciting, then Wow Classic Bagnon is what you are looking for! This addon helps you categorize all your inventory items in one place, rather than just shuffling through here and there across multiple bags. Just like Bagnon is for known for its categorization, we have also categorized the best of best articles about Wow Classic here!

The items are grouped under types, and you get a systematic and quicker way of managing them. Similar to Wow Classic Bagnon‘s ability of arranging in one place, we also have AtlasLoot Classic that makes it possible to view the potential loots of a quest at one place only.

The inventory management features span across item counts, item rulesets, characters, etc. When we did more research into Bagnon, we were actually quite surprised to see that there’s a dedicated space where there are addons for this addon. Sounds, a little crazy? Thinking, we made a mistake? Well, the truth is that what you read just now is absolutely correct!

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How to start using Bagnon?

Bagnon functionality may seem a little technical at first, however the usage is pretty simple and straightforward. Once you have installed Bagnon on your system, you will find that the overall look of the bags would have changed up a little. Every item would be under one window, so that you can access all the items at once.

The great thing about Bagnon is that it lets you view the bags of different characters, without you needing to log in and out. Through the Bagnon window, you can easily clean the bags, toggle bag slots, and what not! To move the bag window to different places, hold left click and start to drag wherever you would like to.

Main Features:

WOW Classic Bagnon

  • Lists bank and inventory in single frames
  • Sports an on-demand option menu
  • Easily look over the inventory of other characters, as in when required.
  • Uses color coded blocks and item slots
  • Data Broker included
  • Search engine can be classified on the basis of intelligent item
  • Tooltip item counts
  • Lots of plugins developed by the community to improve the gaming experience of the players. Some of the plugins include Bagnon Scrap, Bagnon Facade, Bagnon Currencies, and a lot more.
  • Highly customizable, making it go down well with most of the players and UI.
  • The items can be viewed from any place, and by any character.


1.How to bind keystrokes for Bagnon?

Ans: Head to Interface, and then Keybindings menu. This is where you will come across the section for bindings for Bagnon, once installed.

2.What are the different in-built programs that come loaded with Bagnon?

Ans: Following are the programs that come loaded with the addon. Remember, that three of them are optional.

  • Bagnon: It’s the main part of the addon, which displays up the bank and inventory in single frames.
  • Bagnon_Options: It constitutes of the on-demand options menu
  • Bagnon_Tooltips: On item tooltips, it narrates the item which character having and also where.
  • Bagnon_Forever: It’s another optional package that lets you view the inventory and bank of any other characters of your team.

3.What are some commands of WOW Classic Bagnon?

Ans: Here are some commands that would come handy:

  • /bgn bags: To switch on or off the display of the bags
  • /bgn: To access the general options
  • /bgn bank: To view the bank


Bagnon comes loaded with a fantastic UI and features that are bound to attract your attention. Though, Classic Bagnon still lacks some of the most advanced features of the complex management inventory softwares out there.

The idea that the addon arranges all the items in one single frame, establishes its foundation. The rest of all features that follow it, are more for making the experience smoother and easier.

We personally liked Bagnon because it allowed us to place everything in one frame, as most of the other similar addons don’t provide this feature, and if they do, they come with a lot of customizations.

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