A Guide On The Auctionator Addon In Wow Classic

When we talk about Wow Classic, Gold is an item that the players long for a lot! However, when we say Gold, we can’t ignore auction house listings, and those who manage them, know what heck of a pain it is.

To make the management smoother and easier, we have got Wow Classic Auctionator. The addon makes the whole journey of managing the listing a lot faster and automatic! If you have some time to spare then don’t forget to check out our top categories and articles, as they will also help you in managing your whole in-game journey.

Auctionator Classic helps to buy and sell items in bulk, which saves down upon a lot of time, and efforts. You don’t have to go in creating manual auction listings. Isn’t it a lot of time saving?

Not only the auction house listings, but even the maps of Wow classic are a pain in itself. Thankfully, for maps management we have SexyMap!

How to start using Auctionator Classic?

Once you have placed Auctionator Classic in the directory: World of Warcaft/Interface/Addons folder, it’s time to select the characters. Choosing the characters means the characters that you want to use this addon. This can be performed right through the character selection screen.

Proceed to the Auction House, and open the auction house window through an auctioneer. Right at the very below, you should now have an access to three columns or rather tabs: Buy, Sell & More. This is where every major command of yours will take place. Everything from here on is very easy and straightforward. Buying and selling can’t get better than this!

Things You Should Know About Auctionator :

Wow Classic Auctionator

  • Helps to save efforts and time of the trade experts or enthusiasts
  • A perfect time-saving addon for those who wish to farm gold.
  • Eases the process of searches, inputs, and purchases, so that the individuals can purchase in mass.
  • A rather simple addon in functioning but does its work brilliantly.
  • In-depth scanning of auction house
  • Keeps a track of the historic item prices
  • Tabs like Buy, Sell, etc replaces the default functionality of the auction house.
  • Allows to undercut values
  • Automatic price checks

If you are too much into the purchases of tradeskill materials, and other such similar items, then also, this addon will prove to be a boon for you. In fact, there are many more fantastic Wow Classic addons that can prove to be a boon for you.


  • Why Can’t I Download Auctionator With Wow Matrix?.

Ans: The author of the addon hasn’t allowed Wow Matrix to host his/her addon. It’s a belief by the author that WOWMatrix steals the content of other hosting websites. Now, how much truth is to that, well, that’s for some other time.

  • How To Fix The Buy Tab Error In Auctionator Classic ?

Ans: Try to use the exact item button, or hit on advanced, and clear off all the fields. If you are also still facing the problem, then there’s a quick trick around it. After searching through the Buy tab, head back to the General tab, you will find the list of addons in the same order that would have been in the buy tab.

  • Why Don’t Some Items List Up Even After A Thorough Scan?

Ans: This is mainly due to the fact that the item/s that you are searching for lack historical data for reference. Auctionator Classic is pretty good for TSM, however, if you are looking for something more deeper or concerned with pricing, then you may check out some other similar addons.


We have seen people preferring Auctioneer over Auctionator, however, our personal favourite is the latter.

Through the addon, you can easily check the prices of various items on one page, without much scrolling. Various stacks can be bought at once, and even selling is a lot easier and straightforward.

For those who are aware about the addon, it is nothing but rather a lightweight mode of Auctioneer only, with added facilities.

The addon makes it possible to collect gold in the manner that saves both the time and effort. Auction houses are pretty much a hassle in themselves. The players exploit the prices, and that’s why addons like Auctionator kind of balances that.

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