A Definite Guide On Wow AtlasLoot Classic In 2021

If you plan to view the lootable for world bosses, raids, and dungeons, you have to install AtlasLootClassic. Wait, did we forget to mention that you also get access to crafting recipes, faction rewards, and many other essential items?

Clubbing Wow AtlasLoot Classic with one of the most lightweight and easy to use UI addons; AbyssUI, is going to save you a lot of time, and you get to manage things as per your convenience.

There are different loot tables for each loot type. It’s very unusual to see that you can judge a dungeon or raid invitation as you have a clear view of loot drops’ availability.

The addon goes one step further and gives you suggestions for specific loots based on your character. To keep the right track of the items, you already have and wish to desire, feel free to use the “Favourites” feature.

Just like in other classic addons, AtlasLoot Classic also comes loaded with a variety of features!

How to start using AtlasLoot Classic?

To start using the addon, install it. Once you are ready with the it, get to the menu by hovering to AtlasLoot minimap button, and right clicking on it. Alternatively, you may also select the Options tab right through the interface. The addon consists of an API, which makes it pretty easy to add the loot tables in any of the existing mod. For instance, if you would like to view Lucifron’s loot, then you would input:

” pFrame = {“TOPLEFT”, “PlayerFrame”, “BOTTOMRIGHT”, 0, 0 }; “

Wow AtlasLoot Classic Features:

Wow AtlasLoot Classic

  • Easily add your favourite items in your favourite lists, right with a keyboard shortcut: ALT + Left Click
  • Loot Tables for Dungeons and Raids
  • Factions
  • Customize your own filter or based on your class, filter the loot tables.
  • GUI to strategize your gear, and lets you know if you already have an item.
  • Designed in LUA
  • Easily import and export the lists


  • How To Download Atlasloot Classic?

Ans: In our best Wow classic addons article, we have listed the best technique to download the addons. However, other than that, there are also various other ways to download AtlasLoot Classic.

For instance, you can directly download AtlasLoot Classic from twitch, just make sure that your addon is turned on while entering into the game. After that, just type in /Al in the chat box to open the addon.

  • Are There Any Good Alternatives To Atlasloot Classic?

Ans: According to us, in this category, WOW AtlasLoot Classic is probably the best that you can go for! Rest, if you have any other similar addon in mind, that you feel surpasses the quality level of AtlasLoot Classic, then do let us know in the comments below.


AtlasLoot Classic eradicates the need of third party sites that you go to confirm the loots of the quests. The addon lets you view the loot that you can extract from the raids and dungeons in the classic version of Wow.

A lot of people believe that this addon isn’t a very necessary one, but yes it comes very handy during the encounter of new quests. Also, not to forget that, AtlasLoot Classic Wow lets you know the quantitative to obtain an item. The addon isn’t directly available in the options tab, that’s why you will have to access it through the mini map.

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