A Review Of The AbyssUI Addon In Wow Classic

Wow Classic AbyssUI, as the name says, is an addon that acts as a perfect alternative to your default Wow Classic UI. If you have been fed up with the regular World of Warcraft Classic UI, then why don’t you go ahead and install AbyssUI right away?

How to start using AbyssUI?

The addon allows you to move around the objects and items so that your screen could be more clear, and categorized as per your wish. The functionality extends up to the action bar, where you can alter its colors. Also, don’t forget to check out other similar lightweight classic addons!

The best part of all is that all the exciting features of the addon comes in a very lightweight size, and therefore, you won’t have to worry about your system getting slower due to the textures. The addon has support for a variety of languages, catering to a variety of audience across the globe.

Learned to manage your interface through Classic AbyssUI? Now, go ahead and even learn to manage the auction house in Wow Classic!

Things To Know About The AbyssUI Addon :

Wow Classic AbyssUI

  • Minimalist World of Warcraft interface
  • A more clean and customizable UI addon
  • Supports all the major languages
  • Runs perfectly fine even on slower systems


  • How To Enable Portrait Textures On AbyssUI?

Ans: If your portrait textures are being glitchy, or showing issues, then it’s probably because you are using an old texture version of the addon. So, what is the ultimate solution to this issue? Well, it’s very simple and straightforward!

Just go ahead and ascertain that the AbyssUI TexturePack is the latest. If it isn’t, then download the latest version from a reliable source, and that should get you going.

  • Why Are Some Of Textures Acting Indifferent?

Ans: The default textures of the game could have been the reason, or maybe the corruption of UI textures could have also taken place. To deal with this, firstly, launch the game in full screen, and disable UI scale.

If this doesn’t end up solving your issue, then we would have to get rid of all the AbyssUI textures and files, which basically means a fresh install. If the problem still persists, then you may try reporting the issue directly to the forums or the developers.

  • How To Fix Corrupted Images In AbyssUI?

Ans: Follow the below tips to solve the problem:

  • If enabled, then turn off the UI-scale by heading to full screen.
  • Delete the textures, and add on. After that, reinstall the addon right from the very scratch. Some say that just interchange of folders would do the work, however, that’s not always the case, and that’s why, we recommend you to perform a fresh installation.


If your goal is to just replace the regular and standard UI, AbyssUI Classic is probably the right choice for you. It’s a very simple addon that is lightweight in size, and becomes a great interface that is highly customizable. There’s nothing much to expect out of the addon, other than the fact that it will give you control over the UI.

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