A Descriptive Guide On Wow Classic Addons In 2021

The Wow Classic design and functionality is of 2004, and that’s why it even has a lot of cons that we can’t ignore. Normally, you have to learn to deal with the functionality, and even to know where to go and what to do, you have to rely on the quest texts.

Let’s be honest here that no matter how famous and excited Wow is, it still lacks many features that can take it closer to perfection. Nevertheless, there are many Wow classic addons that you can load to level up in-game experience and we are here just to discuss that on our blog.

Before you go on to the list of the addons, want to know how to install the same?

Best Wow Classic Addons For 2021:


WOW Classic Addons

The nature of the game is tad difficult for the players to understand the essential areas and quests on the map, and Questie is just the perfect solution. The addon is a quest helper and is relatively popular on private servers.
If you think that it just ends up here, then you were probably wrong as Classic Questie further goes on marking the quest goals for the player after he/she accepts some quest.
Want to know more about the quest goals? Read here!


Best WOW Classic Addons

In World of Warcraft, the default analog cool down can be a little difficult and time consuming to interpret, especially in pressurizing situations when you have several spells on the bar, and for such cases, you can use OmniCC to replace the analog countdown machines with digital ones completely.

It will be easy to interpret, but at the same time, this will lead to more effective in-game decisions. Oh, did we forget to mention that OmniCC also inputs close caption texts?
There’s a lot more that this Wow classic addons does, and you can know about it here.


classic wow addons

There’s more to Bartender’s magic than revolving around while ordering the bars, by right-clicking on the Bartender4 icon, you will land upon the settings screen. This is the place where the magic of customization starts to happen!
There are a lot of combinations that you can use to customize your Wow experience, and here’s a detailed guide on the same.

Leatrix Plus (Classic)

addons for classic wow

Leatrix Plus allows you to automate your quests (select and acceptance). You are free to add exceptions about quests that need gold. The addon has its own media player that will keep you entertained with exciting stuff to go along with different in-chat features.
With about 10 other features, the Wow classic addon is one of the best in the market, check out their features!


wow addons classic

AtlasLoot Classic is a great addon for viewing the dungeons, raids and bosses loots. One of the features allows you to create wish lists that can further serve as fun checklists. If used correctly, the Wow classic addon could be one of the top classic add ons for in-game hunters and entrepreneurs.
Click here to know how to properly use the addon!


best addons for classic wow

SexyMap, makes it possible for you to create your version of the wow map in place of the standard and boring Vanilla map. Some players have had problems differentiating between the regular game and mini-map, especially during tense situations like in a battle. So, to possibly escape such cases, you can make changes to the border via SexyMap.

All in all, this wow classic addon is a great way to give a proper structuring to your maps, and help you level up your game and how!
Read here to know how to properly set up and use the addon.


wow classic addons curse

IceHUD is more of a pop up addon that lets you keep track of your mana level, enemy health, pet health, etc. Just go ahead and place the different perimeters right along to your character so that you can focus on the main task/s in the middle of the screen. The addon is a lot customizable in terms of the whole shape, style, and appearance of the meters.

It’s even loaded with data and class catered meters like druid mana trackers, holy power monitoring, warlord shard tracking, etc.
Take a look at their truck loads of features here!

Details! Damage Meter Classic

wow classic addons

Details! Damage Meter Classic, as the name says, is a fantastic and highly advanced damage meter in wow classic. It lets you keep a look over the data meters that are essential for your daily in-game activities. The wow classic addon comes packed with an elegant design, and powerful tracking features!
Click here to read more about the awesomeness of this addon!


wow classic addons Bagnon

If you are looking for an item categorization addon that lets you pack the items under one bag, and is also not highly customizable, then Bagnon is the perfect treat to go for!

There are lots of inventory management addons out there, but what makes Bagnon stand out from others is that it doesn’t force you to literally manage all your items.
It’s all up to you, how and what quantity or type of items you want to categorize. There’s a guide on the same, and you can check it out here!

Deadly Boss Mods – Classic

wow classic addons

The addon is responsible for tracking and displaying the necessary events during a fight, mainly the boss moves, so that you can accordingly react, and conquer the fight. It excludes the unnecessary information, and helps you filter the notifications.
There’s a detailed guide on how to set up the addon, read it here!

Auctionator Classic

wow classic addons Auctionator

The players learn to farm the gold, but when it comes to managing it in the auction house listings is where most players fail! In fact, even the most experienced veterans fail to manage the auction house from time to time as they have to put in a lot of effort and time , and for this very issue, we have got an Auctionator Classic. It helps you manage the auction house listings by automating the processes, and helps you do a whole lot of other things.
Click here to know what all else the addon is capable of!


wow classic addons Abyss UI

AbyssUI has a simple and minimalistic UI for a Wow classic addon. If you are bored of your regular UI in warcraft, then why not move forward to a UI that is totally different! From outside, the UI is very simple and lightweight, but still it has a lot to offer in terms of functionality.
Check out the functionalities here!


1) Why Don’t My Addons Display Up In Wow Classic?

Ans: Try the following methods:

  • Ascertain the Directory of Addon Folder Is Right
  • Load Out of Date Addons Within the Game
  • Delete the Interface Folder

2) Do Addons Slow Down The System?

Ans: Addons don’t usually affect much in terms of memory usage. At maximum, they can just lead to FPS drops. The best way to know what affects the addons in Wow, you may just disable the addons and then you can measure the performance metrics.

3) Does Wow Classic Addons Work On Twitch?

Ans: Yes, Wow Classic addons can be directly installed through twitch, so it means that it’s supported on twitch.

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Wow Classic addons are the best way to take your gaming experience to a whole new level! Some people consider addons as cheating, however that’s far from the truth, as if it was cheating, then the founders of warcraft wouldn’t have approved of the addons themselves. All in all, if you feel to ease your experience, then make sure you hit on the addons. Also, if you have any more exciting add on in mind, then you may directly reach out to us.

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