All You Need To Know About Wow Classic Questie Addon

Wow Classic Questie is one of the most popular and well known Wow classic addon. Many players worldwide use the addon regularly, and if you download from our source, we can be sure that you won’t be introduced to any viruses or malware.

It directly pinpoints the location of the quests and quest items on the map. It’s important to note that it only shows the turn-in and quests for the current level you possess.

Note: It’s essential that you first have a good understanding of the game environment before actually using Classic Questie. This same tip goes for various other addons of complex nature. Infact, not only for addons but even for other categories of Wow Classic too.

How To Start Using Questie?

In the modern Wow, the whole questing experience has been a lot simplified for the players, all thanks to Blizzard. However that was not the case at the time of Classic. Thankfully, with the help of the addon the Classic too gets a little touch of modernity for questing.

It comes ready out of the box! You just have to install it, and enable it. That’s it! From there, you will start to come across a variety of options that you can enable or disable as per your choice.

The main features of the addon are listed below, however, an exciting feature about the Questie addon is that it reveals further information about a quest when you hover on its respective quest item.

It will display the directional lines to the quest giver that you need to head towards, and in case of loot quests, there would be a bag as the mark.

Wow Classic Questie Features:

Wow Classic Questie

  • Displays icons on the map representing the creatures to kill or objects to harvest.
  • Displays icons on the map representing the quests ready for you, and where you can recover them.
  • Includes data of the quest NPCs
  • Provides data of the quest items
  • Feature requests section, where you can suggest the features or changes you would like to see in the addon, and accordingly, the authors would look up to it.
  • Keeps being updated from time to time, based on the feedback received from the users.
  • Support the team through donations, if you would like to see Questie continuing its journey


  • How To Download Questie For Wow Classic?

Ans: It can be downloaded from many sources; however, we recommend you to download from our given link, as that’s a trusted and authentic source, completely free of viruses and malware.

  • Why Do We Need The Addon For Wow Classic?

Ans: In WoW Classic, a lot of features of questing are missing, as it’s the old version, and Questie helps to restore those same features.

  • Which Is Better, Questie Or Azeroth Auto Pilot?

Ans: In our opinion, the combination of both of them would favour you a lot in the long run. However, if you still ask for our recommendation, then we would go for Azeroth Auto Pilot. Questie is just mainly limited to showcasing the quest icons and not specialising in how you can approach it.


In Wow Classic, it’s a little challenging to figure out the quests in an area or complete all the quests in that specific zone.
Also, completion of certain quests only leads to the opening of other quests. For such instances, we have Wow Classic Questie! It makes sure that you don’t miss any quests or missions that would contribute to your levelling. It displays the quest icons that are yet to be completed and where you can head to achieve them.

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