7 Best WOW Classic Addons

Let’s be honest here that no matter how famous and excited WOW is, it still lacks many features that can take it closer to perfection. Nevertheless, there are many WOW classic addons that you can load into a level up in-game experience and we are here just to discuss that.

Best WOW Classic Addons For 2020:

1) Questie

WOW Classic Addons

The nature of the game is tad difficult for the players to understand the essential areas and quests on the map, and Questie is just the perfect solution. The addon is a quest helper and is relatively popular on private servers.

Questie directly pinpoints the location of the quests and quest items on the map. It’s important to note that Questie only shows the turn-in and quests for the current level you possess.

If you think that it just ends up here, then you were probably wrong as Questie further goes on marking the quest goals for the player after he/she accepts some quest.

An exciting feature about the Questie addon is that it reveals further information about a quest when you hover on its respective quest item.

It will display the directional lines to the quest giver that you need to head towards, and in case of loot quests, there would be a bag as the mark.

Note:  It’s essential that you first have a good understanding of the game environment before actually using Questie.

2) OmniCC

Best WOW Classic Addons

In World of Warcraft, the default analog cool down can be a little difficult and time consuming to interpret, especially in pressurizing situations like when you have several spells on the bar;and for such cases, you can use OmniCC to replace the analog countdown machines with digital ones completely.

It will be easy to interpret, but at the same time, this will lead to more effective in-game decisions. Oh, did we forget to mention that OmniCC also inputs close caption texts?

Note: The font size can be edited to get included within frames.

The text modifications even allows you to adjust the timing, effect, and positioning. A feature that we liked was the eradication of the OmniCC and how it closed captions in certain situations by putting them in the blacklisted category.

It doesn’t matter what category you are trying to get into, whether PvE or PvP, the addon will work flawlessly in all the situations. The thing that surprised us the most was that the addon had been there since 2008, and it’s still going strong even after so much time.

Over the years, it has got a lot better, and even in 2020, the updates are pretty regular. All in all, it’s one of the simple yet one of the best wow classic addons of all time.

3) Bartender

classic wow addons

The action bars in the game can be pretty daunting at times, and that’s where Bartender4 comes to the rescue! It’s the perfect wow classic addons for organizing and key binding the bars.

Install the addon, and after that, you will be able to view a small icon right next to the map. The moment when you require to reorganize the bars just hit on the same icon.

You will now be able to arrange the bars in their respective places and as soon as  the arrangements are made, select the lock button to finalize the changes.

There’s more to Bartender’s magic than revolving around ordering the bars, by right-clicking on the Bartender4 icon, you will land upon the settings screen. This is the place where the magic of customization starts to happen!

You are here free to modify each bar’s appearance right from enabling and disabling to adjusting the positioning and adding extra action bars,

Also, not to forget that when it comes to buffs, spells, and different actions, you even have the option to attach character specific key binds.

4) Leatrix Plus (Classic) :

addons for classic wow

Leatrix Plus allows you to automate your quests (select and acceptance). You are free to add exceptions about quests that need gold. It even goes up to the extent of gossip, providing you the option to input key binds and macros.

It gives you the freedom to avoid specific interactions, and that’s a great way to save time. It supports English, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, and the list goes on.

The addon has its own media player that will keep you entertained with exciting stuff to go along with different in-chat features.

When you install the addon,take out some time and explore the addon for yourself!

5) AtlasLootClassic

wow addons classic

If you plan to view the lootable for world bosses, raids, and dungeons, you have to install AtlasLootClassic. Wait, did we forget to mention that you also get access to crafting recipes, faction rewards, and many other essential items?

There are different loot tables for each loot type. It’s very unusual to see that you can judge a dungeon or raid invitation as you have a clear view of loot drops’ availability.

The addon goes one step further and gives you suggestions for specific loots based on your character. To keep the right track of the items, you already have and wish to desire, feel free to use the “Favourites” feature.

The Favourite feature allows you to create wish lists that can further serve as fun checklists. If used correctly, the addon could be one of the top classic add ons for in-game hunters and entrepreneurs.

6) SexyMap

best addons for classic wow

If you think the addon’s name is a bit over the top, then maybe you are right,but if you say that it’s not feature-rich, then we are ready for a fearsome debate.

Anyways, jokes aside, SexyMap, makes it possible for you to create your version of the wow map in place of the standard and boring Vanilla map.

You can make adjustments to both the mini map and world map. Right from setting a position to changing shape, SexyMap brings a lot of fun to the table.

To make the starting easier and faster for you, the addon comes with some default preset settings for the mini-map. In the settings, you have the burning sun, stairgate, parachute, etc. included. All of these will influence how the map shapes and looks up.

Some players have had problems differentiating between the regular game and mini-map, especially during tense situations like in a battle. So, to possibly escape such cases, you can make changes to the border via SexyMap.

All in all, the wow classic addon is a great way to give a proper structuring to your maps.

7) IceHUD

wow classic addons curse

IceHUD is more of a pop up addon that lets you keep track of your mana level, enemy health, pet health, etc.

Just go ahead and place the different perimeters right along to your character so that you can focus on the main task/s in the middle of the screen. The addon is a lot customizable in terms of the whole shape, style, and appearance of the meters.

It’s even loaded with data and class catered meters like druid mana trackers, holy power monitoring, warlord shard tracking, etc.

Head to the module settings, and from there, you can decide whether or not you want to enable these options. In our opinion, IceHUD is a significantly more accessible and fantastic addon to keep track of your bars and meters.

Regular Method: Steps To Install Best WOW Classic Addons on PC:

  • Once you have successfully downloaded your addon zip file, head to its download location. Generally, by default, the Downloads directory is set as the download location.
  • Open the zip file, and with the help of any reliable ZIP reader and editor, extract all the files to the WoW Classic Addons folder (C:/Program File (x86)/World of Warcraft/_Classic_/Interface/AddOns.)

Note: If, by chance, your chosen default installation location is different, then you will have to head to the respective directory to find the World of Warcraft folder.

  • After the extraction has been performed, there would be a new folder under your Addons folder. The new folder would most probably represent the mod’s name, and upon the start of the game, it would get activated.

Regular Method: Steps To Install Best WOW Classic Addons on MacOS:

  • When it comes to the world of Apple MacOS, the Addons deployment process sees a little change, but other than that, there’s nothing much to worry about.
  • Download your addon and head to the Downloads folder of your device. That’s the place where you are going to find your downloaded File. Usually, you can find the Downloads folder somewhere next to Favourites.
  • Open up your zip file from the downloaded location and extract all the files to a new folder with the same name that goes off the mod.
  • In the dock, take over the cursor to the finder icon and press ctrl+click. After that, right from the top, select New Finder Window.
  • Locate the Applications folder, and in most cases, it can be found somewhere in the left column closer to favorites.
  • Please search for the World of Warcraft folder and press on it for the enlargement.
  • Now, locate the _classic folder inside the directory you are currently in and then click on the Interface folder.
  • The extracted folder has to be now dragged into the Interface folder from the initial finder window.
  • That’s it! Start your game and see the effects rolling up!

Alternative Method: Steps To Install Wow Addons (PC & Mac)

  • If you are looking for a unique and different method for installing the Classic add ons, you got to check out this Twitch method. This method is pretty straightforward, as it eradicates the need to download and extract files here and there.
  • Install Twitch Client, open it, and input your login credentials.
  • Head to the Mods tab and choose World of Warcraft
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the Classic folder.
  • Search and browse through the variety of available addons to install them.


We hope that you’d have come across some of the best WOW Classic addons that could turn out to be useful for you through this article. From our side, we tried our best to present a variety of options so that there’s enough for every kind of player.

We know that there are still a lot of excellent classic addons left that could have been included in the list, but this list was created based on metrics like popular reviews, and, of course, our own opinions.

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