7 Best WOW Boosting Services You Can Buy

World of Warcraft is a game that has been becoming tremendously popular among the RPG players. But, in the recent times, due to a lot of expansions and updates, the game seems to have become a little difficult for the new players. To help the new players level up easily in the game, we bring to you some of the best and trusted WOW boosting services that you won’t regret trying out. Without wasting any more time, let’s check out these WOW Classic boosting services!

Top 7 WOW Boosting Services to Buy In 2020


Player Auctions

WOW Boosting Services

Player Auctions is great for your most average WOW boosting like raid boosting. The guys at Player Auctions understand that at the end of the day, it’s the customers that make them and that’s why they have did something that satisfies both the sellers and the buyers. Wonder, what it’s? Well, they have reduced the seller fee, ultimately satisfying the sellers and even making it easier for the buyers to afford more number of WOW boosting services.

The buyers are free to choose between the fellow players and power sellers. The players are great at leveling up the characters in the shortest time span. To ensure safety and security, the website is covered by PlayerGuardian and on top of it, every seller and buyer has to trade on the platform itself. In any case, if some party tries to play smart, then that’s when PlayerAuctions intervenes in between to sort out the issue.

Top Services Offered:

  • Classic Level 60 Powerleveling Boost – Starts from $19
  • US Classic Custom Powerleveling Boost – Starts from $11
  • Classic VIP Leveling Package – Starts From $999


WowVendor is a name that has got a lot commercialized in the world of WOW. Some users even say that WowVendor is too much overrated and there are many other equally amazing WOW boosting services that don’t seem to get the limelight. Well, to be honest with you, WowVendor has attained a huge popularity only because it offered quality to its customers! The website offers WOW Classic boosting, helping the users to level up utmost ease.

Most of the services of the website fall under the price bracket of $10-$1929. The boosters of the service are professionals who can take the players to the levels of their choice, whether it’s level 40 or level 60. Also, it doesn’t matter what class it is, almost every character is eligible for WOW boosting. The vendor’s money back guarantee feature is another reason for which it’s trusted by the players worldwide.

Top Services Offered:

  • Classic Lvl 60 Powerleveling Boost – Starts from $19
  • US Classic Custom Powerleveling Boost – Starts from $11
  • Classic VIP Leveling Package – Starts From $999


MmoGah specializes in WoW BFA raid, Arena boost and character level boost. At the time of shopping from the portal, you will be asked to input your realm, server, currency, and the level that you are aiming to reach for. You can come across a lot of discounts, coupons and offers running on the website all the time. This is one of the prominent reasons that sets apart the service from others.

To avail the boosting, you will have to share your login credentials with the professionals. You can be assured that your account is safe even after the completion of boosting. It’s advised not to use the account while the boosting takes place. The service may feel cheap in comparison to others, but that doesn’t it doesn’t have quality to offer.

Top Services Offered:

  • Level 1-40 Classic Power Leveling – Starts From $270
  • Level 1-50 Classic Power Leveling – Starts From $410
  • Level 1-60 Classic Power Leveling – Starts From $620


When we talk about G2G, experience is the first word that pops up in our mind. These guys have been in the business for more than 15 years and there’s no looking back ever since then. G2G has a variety of sellers offering different WOW services that you can go for. The website has an active reach of 1 million users, clearly defining the high level of trust and security on it.

The services offered by G2G are pretty cheaper in comparison to other WOW Shadowlands boosting services that we have listed up in here. Considering the huge amount of sellers on the platform, maybe the website doesn’t have problem in selling off their services in cheaper as their profits would still be churning out. Anyways, for payments to the sellers, you have 200+ options to choose from.

Top Services Offered:

  • Classic Power Leveling 40-50 – Starts From $92.99
  • Classic Power Leveling 50-60 – Starts From $119.99
  • Classic Power Leveling 1-60 – Starts From $329.99


Another popular and fantastic WOW boosting service that is run by professional boosters. Even these guys have been in the industry for quite a few years. The great thing about the platform is that the character boosting charges are significantly 60% less for a player.

Overgear gives great importance to its buyers and that’s why they have the freedom to pay the seller after the service has been made. This way, the buyer’s money is safe and secure.

Top Services Offered:

  • 1-60 Leveling + Epic Mount – Starts From 420€
  • 1-60 Leveling + Raid Attunements – Starts From 426£
  • 1-60 Leveling + 2 Profession Skills – Starts From 450€


The WOW Classic boosting service provided by the platform fits for all the realms. The guys at MMO-GS have been grinding for years and years on vanilla 1.12.1. Their work is of superb quality as clearly witnessed by the tons of reviews that pour in every day.

MMO-GS have strict rules and policies for the protection of character’s anonymity and privacy. You can be assured that for leveling up the accounts, no banned technique is undertaken. Only genuine ways are used for providing the boosting service. Also, the services are offered at a discount of 50% which seems to be a lot competitive pricing.

Top Services Offered:

  • Level Range/Timeframe 1-40 (Starter within 10 days) – Starts From $199.98
  • Level Range/Timeframe 1-60 (Basic Within 3 to 4 Weeks) – Starts From $279.98
  • Level Range/Timeframe 1-60 (High Speed Within 8-12 Days) – Starts From $479.98


If you lack time and are looking forward to fasten your progress then you should probably undertake Elodardo services. The platform consists of a variety of experienced professionals who are ready to extend their services to help the newbies. You can totally trust the service as Elodardo has been doing this since a lot of years. Head to the boosting section of Elodardo and choose your preferred service and clear the payment.

If, by any chance, you are confused which service to go for, then we recommend you to first have a brief talk with the seller before hand as they can guide you on the best service as per your requirements. If after the delivery of the service/s, you feel that it isn’t something or lacks what had been stated earlier, then you can also ‘Raise a dispute’ right on the platform itself.

Top Services Offered:

  • Classic 30-40 Leveling – Starts from $66
  • 50-60 Power Leveling (10 Day Delivery) – Starts from $89.99
  • Herbalism 1-300/handmade – Starts from $110

Frequently Asked Questions About WOW Boosting Services (FAQs):

Question: What happens to the accounts after leveling?

Answer: Once the accounts have been leveled up, they become eligible for usage again. The accounts are totally safe and secure after the procurement of service and you can feel free to use them again.

Question: Are these third party vendors against the rules of Blizzard?

Answer: The developers of the game (Blizzard Entertainment) clearly state that use of any third party WOW boosting service is totally against the rules and can get your account banned, if caught using the third party tools. But, to be honest with you, this is just on the papers.

In reality, Blizzard don’t seem to care much about these services as they keep the WOW users intact and subbed. If they had really cared about them, then such services would have been banned long before, but instead of that, they have been up and running more than ever before. Still for safety purposes, just make sure that you use a reliable and trusted WOW Shadowlands boosting service.


The above mentioned WOW boosting services can be considered among some of the best and top WOW Classic boosting services in the market. These offer quality services at fair prices and the best part of all is that they are totally trusted and reliable. We recommend you to keep a fair share of balance between boosting and actual playing. This way, you will learn while you grow and even the journey won’t seem much tough

Answer: For most of the first time or regular buyers, exclusive offers and discount coupons can be found on the respective platforms.

Answer: To be honest, it clearly depends upon the service that you have chosen. But, on an average, you can expect the results to start being shown after a period of some 24-48 hours.

Ask yourself these questions and you would probably come to the conclusion yourself:

  • What’s the level that you are trying to aim for?
  • What’s the level that you are currently on?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you even want to include gold or not?

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