PvP Players Face Ranking Bug in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic

Think for an instance, you are playing your favourite game dedicatedly, but your rank isn’t being updated! How would you feel? We are sure almost any other passionate gamer would be frustrated over the very thought only. Unfortunately, this same issue seems to have affected the PvP players playing on the Burning Crusade Classic servers. 

Burning Crusade Classic Servers Bug Reported On Forum:

Burning Crusade Classic Servers Bug Reported On Forum


There were numerous posts on the message boards from different PvP players on how they are not able to rank up the charts. It all started with Axewipe making the initial post, explaining the situation, followed by others supporting it. 

“Last week, I went out of my way to get enough honor to hit rank 7. I knew that the title would become permanent in TBC and I wanted this title.

As of today, my character in Classic received the rank 7 title, but the character in Burning Crusade Classic is still stuck at rank 6. That means I earned enough honor to rank up, but last week’s rank was not applied to Burning Crusade Classic ….”

-Axewipe (WoW Player), World of Warcraft Forum Post 

 PvP Players Face Ranking Bug in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic

Initially, it looked like Blizzard was not paying a heed to the issue, however, later on the matter was acknowledged. In response to the bug, Kaivax(Moderator) said,”Long story short – there was a bug. We had the correct rank in data, but it was being incorrectly calculated in Burning Crusade Classic.

We’ll have a hotfix for it early next week.”

Until the team goes on to resolve the issue, why not take a look at the best addons (click here) that you can integrate with World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic. 

Data Protection On Burning Crusade

Data Protection On Burning Crusade


Thankfully, the players don’t have to worry about their data being deleted as it’s just not being reflected in the Burning Crusade Classic servers, otherwise it’s totally safe and intact from the developer side. The workers at Blizzard could also be having a tough time to deal with the issues as this is a pre-patch. 

If the players are to be believed, then the ranking bug was seen across the EU servers too. The Blizzard community took almost two days to respond to the query and reports of the users. Like always, upon seeing a satisfying update on the issue, the community immediately thanked the moderator. 

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 PvP Players Face Ranking Bug in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic

It’s been almost a week, and the Burning Crusade Classic servers seem to be on its all time high. Along with the fun and positivity going around, there are certain issues too that the engineers at Blizzard seem to be struggling with. As per our reports, May 20 and 21 saw some Hotfixes being made. In this week, there are two issues that the team would probably work upon, as confirmed by Kaivax (Moderator). 


The team at Blizzard is giving in their day and night to ascertain that the pre-patch launch aim is successfully accomplished. We are also waiting for Burning Crusade Classic servers to officially open up on June 1. Let’s be hopeful that the community takes the expansion in a positive manner, after all this expansion is said to be one of the best expansions of the official WoW. 

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