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All You Need to Know About WOW Hand of Justice Guide

In this article, we have provided a detailed guide on how to get access to the Hand of Justice and make the most out of it.

World of Warcraft is a massive online multiplayer game which has been on the top charts for years. In the warcraft fantasy universe, World of Warcraft is the 4th released game. The developers of this game have consistently improved the game over the years.

This is a subscription-based game, where the users need to pay a small fee per month. However, players who are new to this game can try to experience it by signing up for the trial version of World of Warcraft. The only downside of the trial account is that the players can reach up to level 20.

How great it would be if you have an item that increases the power of your every attack and kills the opponent with ease? Hand of Justice is one such item that can help you win the battles in Wow. I

What is the Hand of Justice?

It is a kind of trinket that gives the player an extra melee attack and increases the power of an attack. This is one of the best enchantment additions to the rouges, Shamans, and the fury warriors.

How to get the Hand of Justice?

The chances of getting access to the Hand of Justice is hardly 3%. However, a player can get access to the hand of justice by killing Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, who resides in the Blackrock Depths.

So, let’s know more about Emperor Dagran Thaurissan?

Emperor Dagran Thaurissan

wow hand of justice

Emperor Dagran Thaurissan is a ruler of the Dark Iron clan who is a descendant of Emperor Modgud and Thaurissan. Though he is the emperor of the Iron clan, he is also a servant to the Ragnaros.

Emperor Dagran Thaurissan rules his people from the black mountain depths, which is near the entrance of the Ragnaros’s domain. The emperor is usually not found in the city founded by his ancestor.

The Dark Irons of Emperor Dagran Thaurissan swarm the depths of black mountain and can be seen at the Burning Steppes to the south and the Searing Gorge near the North.

Emperor Dagran Thaurissan sends his agents and emissaries to the capital of Gnomeregan to back Sicco Thermaplugg who is a self-proclaimed ruler of Gnomeregan.

Emperor Dagran Thaurissan has seduced Moira Bronzebeard, who is the daughter of King Magni Bronzebeard. Moira is pregnant with Emperor Dagran child who is a half Dark Iron dwarf and Bronzebeard dwarf and is also a legal heir to both the Ironforge and Shadowforge thrones respectively.

In Cataclysm, it was shown that King Bronzebeard had sent a team to kill Emperor Dagran and bring back his daughter to the Ironforge. However, Moira refuses to come back to the Ironforge, and the death of her husband leaves a huge fiery rage in her heart.

Emperor Dagran now owns the Ironfoe but not through any legitimate means. He captured and imprisoned the real owner of the Ironfoe, Reginald Windsor t.

Abilities of Emperor Dagran Thaurissan

Emperor Dagran has the power to surround a caster in flames for about 10 seconds and can inflict up to 230 fire damage with every attack on the enemies. He also can inflict 240 fire damage to the enemies and stun them for 5 seconds.

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Where is Blackrock Depths Located?

hand of justice

Blackrock Depths is the deepest part of Blackrock mountain. Emperor Dagran rules the Blackrock depths. Several Minions of Ragnaros also make their home in the Blackrock Depths.

Blackrock depths is one of the largest instances in the World of Warcraft game, and it is likely to continue the same. Due to the complexity of this game, it takes around 4-6 hours for a player to complete the entire instance. The player has to clear many quests, mobs and bosses to complete this instance.

Moreover, the level range of the enemy is 48-56, and the minimum level a player needs to attain this level is 40. The Anvilrage military should not be underestimated as they have the power to heal their troops in the shortest time possible.

Most of the players do not like to visit the Blackrock depth often, as they prefer the outland after reaching level 58. Low-level players can farm for a fiery weapon as it can be really helpful for them to fight hard in this level Or

How To Buy Hand Of Justice Farming Service?

You can buy hands of Justice farming service from a trusted seller like Blazing Boost who can farm the HoJ trinket until it drops. For this, you simply need to place an order with them and add them on Discord to get the Software access for boosting. If you don’t want to waste time on farming and get easy access to Hands of Justice, Blazing Boost is the best way.

Due to the instance clearing achievement, the Blackrock Depth has attained more attraction from the players, in the wrath of the lich king.

This instance can be played solo by Rogues and Hunters easily. However, it is not recommended to do so. Due to the low level of mobs and good size of the instance, there is a lot of money to be made by the miners. Anyone who wants to farm can make the best use of this instance.

To get access to the hand of justice, the players need to attain the level of 80. Fire mages may not be able to get access to the wow swift hand of justice easily as they have more challenges than the warriors with Bladestorm.

Though it is not so easy to clear the instance in the first attempt, Blackrock depth is worth the visit, to get the hand of justice. These instances are made with a high level of quality by the game developers.

Once the player enters the Blackrock depth and kills the Emperor Dagran, he can get access to the hand of justice.


We hope this article has provided clear insights on what is the hand of justice and how to own the wow swift hand of justice? Make sure to farm in the instances where the mobs are less and collect as much money as possible to use them as the character.

FAQ About WOW Hand of Justice

Who is Ragnaros?

Ragnaros is the master of all the powerful fire elements. He appears as the final encounter in the Molten core.

Does the hand of justice work for druids?

Yes, the hand of justice works for Feral druids, and it works pretty smooth on the World of Warcraft classic.

Does Angerforge drop HOJ?

Yes, Angerforge originally drops the hand of justice,and later the Emperor Dagran also drops it in the Blackrock Depths.

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