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12 Of The Best Wow Classic Quests: Guide

The Wow Classic Quests are something that you don’t get to see in the modern version of Wow. Various Classic quests can keep you hooked for hours and hours on the game. Though, for today, we will be just restricted to all-time great classic quests that you shouldn’t miss at any cost on Warcraft Movie.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are looking for best quests for gold Wow classic or best quests for Hunter Wow classic, we have got you covered with almost all categories.

12 Best Wow Classic Quests

1) Pamela’s Doll And The Battle Of Darrowshire

Classic Quests

To be honest, these are two different quest lines, but in the end, they join into one another. In the initial part, you will come across an undead ghost girl, Pamela Redpath, in Eastern Plaguelands. She’s expecting her family to come back, though the family will never return. She’s looking for her doll, which seems to have been lost. You have to find her three missing pieces of the doll and accumulate them together.

Once you are done with the undead girl, just go to Pamela’s Aunt Marlene to head on to the Darrowshire questline. Both of these quest lines join in to create a redemption story for Joseph Redpath, Pamela’s father. You have to deal with a fight, and after that, save Joseph’s soul from ending up his daughter to rest.

The Pamela’s adventure is a lot interesting, and you should definitely read more about it.

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2) Dragonkin Menace (Burning Steppes):

Quest Classic

Burning Steppes is where all the fun is happening, and that’s where you can accomplish the Dragonkin Menace guide. To begin with the quest, please ascertain that you are minimum level 58. It’s an elite category mission, so make sure that you deal with it at a party. Most of the common races that you will come across in Burning Steppes include Dwarf, Gnome, etc.

Want to know more about the quest?

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3) The Legend Of Stalvan


In Cataclysm, the original version (quest line) was removed from the game, and since then, it has even become more prominent among the classic players. The quest focuses on finding Stalvan, a tutor.

It’s actually an amazing and interesting quest, as it sends you on a ride of various zones. Right from the Logging Camp in Elywnn Forest to Deadmines in Westfall, there are many places in Duskwood that you can look forward to. Let’s not reveal a lot of content, as this is a story you should experience. Also, the efforts you put into the quest will lead to a lot of XP in rewards.

Stalvan is a guy that will interest you a lot. You don’t want to miss out reading about him.

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4) The Great Masquerade

Great Masqurade

The quest chain to get attuned to Onyxia’s Lair is different for both the Alliance and the Horde, but according to us, Alliance has a more interesting journey. This quest is considered to be one of the best quests for level 39 alliance classic WOW. Once Marshall Windsor is free from the prison, you will head behind him, where he will notify you that Onyxia has been hidden just next to Anduin Wrynn, all this while.

At least most of the Stormwind guards and Lady Katrana Prestor will change up into Dragonkin. During this, Anduin will take a leave from the room, whereas the others will deal with the Onyxia’s minions.

Believe it or not, but the Great Masquerade is one of the biggest plot shocks, especially for the low-level players. To know more around the quest:

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5) The Ancient Egg

The Ancient Egg quest

One of the main quests to pop up in Hinterlands is the Ancient Egg, however, this one is not like others, as it takes some time to complete. It’s an initial for the Zul’Gurub 20-man raid, that’s why the quest aims to introduce the players to the Zandalar Tribe and Hakkar.

The great thing about the quest is that it literally takes over to various places in the land. Right from Tanaris, and Eastern Plaguelands, to Hinterlands, and Lower Blackrock Spire, you are going to have an amazing time!

Head below to know what all amazingness the quest holds!

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6) Sully Balloo

Sully Balloo quest

This quest maybe a little hard to locate, but deep down in the waters of the Thandol Span, you can find this quest. Once you swim underneath Thandol Span, you will come across the body of Sully Balloo, who was actually a dwarven soldier and got attacked by the Dark Iron Clan. Right next to his perished body, you can come across the letter to his wife.

You have to deliver the letter to his wife, Sara, who will further send you to Ironforge to catch up with King Magni Bronzebeard so that a granite memorial could be built in honor of Balloo.

You may be surprised to know that Blizzard has actually dedicated this quest to Union Major Sullivan Ballou, who wrote a letter to his wife, Sarah, just sometime before sacrificing his life in the American Civil War. Surprised? Keep reading to know more.

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7) Dragon’s Eye Classic Quest

Dragon's Eye

This quest may seem a little hard to crack in first, as the only potential information you possess is that such beings (in context to the quest) exist. However, the underlying truth is that you have a lot of crucial information at your fingertips.

The quest also appears up in Upper Blackrock Spire. After this quest, you are landed up with Drakefire Amulet, the last quest of this questline. It’s important to note that you have to be at least level 51 to start up Dragon’s Eye. Upon completion, you are rewarded 9550 EXP.

Out of the many quests, Dragon’s Eye Classic Quest is such an amazing quest, that it’s our personal favourite.

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8) Paladin & Warlock Epic Mount Quests

Paladin & Warlock Epic Mount Quests

Warlocks and Paladin are bound to a free mount if they have attained level 40, and that’s a sixty percent speed boost. Believe it or not, but it’s actually a great way to save up some gold compared to other classes on their journey to 60.

At the point of 60, we also can’t ignore that some amazing fun starts. Both Locks & Pallies for a whole 100 percent speed boost can earn an epic mount, though you have to grind a little this time. Before reaching up and killing the final boss for the respective classes, they will have to run various dungeons and farm materials. Once done with a variety of demon centered quests, Warlocks will get a chance to kill a special demon. On the other side, in Schoolmance, Paladins will have to deal with a Death Knight boss.

To know in detail how you can go on attaining the mounts, click below.

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9) Rhok’delar And Benediction

Rhok'delar and Benediction

Warlocks and Paladins indeed have a great time claiming epic mounts, but that doesn’t mean, Priests and Hunters don’t have anything for them! They have some seriously amazing quests that reward them with a customized weapon, and that’s why this is considered one of the best quests for hunter wow classic.

To begin with the chain, the classes would have to grab off one of the two special items, right from the hands of Majordomo Exectus in Molten Core. The Priests have to protect, heal and deal with the peasants under the radar, whereas the Hunters have to fight off with four demons all across Azeroth. Everything that you witnessed has been designed in such a way so that you can determine how amazing of a priest or hunter you are.

Click here to know in-depth the steps you would have to adopt to grab the items.

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10) A Shred Of Hope

A Shred of Hope

The Shred of Hope quest is a part of the Great Masquerade quest chain, and the main objective is to return Marshal Windsor’s Lost Information. Marshal Windsor, or also known as Reginald Windsor, is actually a human Knight of Stormwind. He discovered and revealed the identity of Katrana Prestor, though, for this, he had to sacrifice his life.

In this quest, Marshal Windsor thinks that his information, which has been lost, is actually under General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach. Once Windsor grabs off the two tablets from you, then it’s a sign that the quest has been completed. Remember that there are two ditto items with the same name, and you have to grab both of them from Golem Lord Argelmach and General Angerforge, respectively. Upon completion of the quest, you are rewarded with 500 reputations with Stormwind and 13500 XP.

Sounds easy? Maybe yes? Maybe not? Click below and find our for yourself!

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11) The Fallen Hero Of The Horde

The Fallen Hero of the Horde

It’s considered one of the most detailed and innovative World of Warcraft Classic quest chains. In this quest, you will have the chance to travel all over Azeroth. The writing of this chain is simply superb! If you are a fan of Blizzard’s humorous writing, you will enjoy it a lot.

In this quest chain, you get the chance to interact with a Demon Hunter, which would later become a full-fledged playable class in Legion.

The act of re-imprisoning a demon for all eternity will mark the end of this chain. Or will it not? Click below to know in detail about the quest.

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12) Redemption Quest

Redemption Quest

One of the main quests of the Paladin class is the Redemption quest. It helps you to bring dead people back to life. The Paladin gets a full chance to get their comrades back. The earlier you clear the level, the better it would be for you, as you would have more of a value as a player.

It’s important to note that this quest can only be attempted when the player has reached level 12. Even the Druids can use the Redemption spell to activate a thirty-minute cooldown. It will be beneficial for the players, as it will help save up major effort and time.

To know more amazing tips in accomplishing this quest, visit below.

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1) Can You Track Wow Classic Quests?

Ans: Once you accomplish an objective towards the quest and enable Automatic Quest Tracking, that respective quest would appear up in the tracker. At once, you can just track up to five quests, and if you end up not working on them for some time, then they will disappear off from the tracker.

2) How To Know If One Or Many Wow Classic Quests Are Completed?

Ans: Whenever you begin a quest, do your homework before knowing what marks the end of your quest. Rest, to check on the previous quests, you may always take the help of addons.


We can go on the best Wow Classic Quests, but we feel this much is more than enough for today! If needed, then in the future, we could even create respective dedicated posts for the various quests of different classes or types of players that you get to see in WOW Classic. Anyways, that being said, if you have got some more amazing and best quests for staves Wow Classic, then hit us in the comments below, or you may contact us anytime.

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