How To Farm Cloth In Wow Classic [ Detailed Guide]

In simple terms, Farming means killing creatures to get them to drop the item/s you are looking for in the game.

It’s important to note that Farming is different from grinding. In Wow Classic, there are many items to farm; however, we will be concentrating upon the cloth farming guides for today.

4 Wow Classic Cloth Farming Guides:

Runecloth Farming Guide:

Runecloth Farming Guide

The game legends say that Blood Elves in Azshara are among the oldest and well-recognized farming locations for Runecloth. Even if you are new to the game, it’s not difficult to defeat the blood elves as they spawn  low on armor and HP,, but still, we don’t recommend you to take them lightly!

Along with the blood elves, you will also come across Satyrs’ various camps, which are pretty much in the same area as that of the blood elves, and just like them, the Satyrs are also very low on numbers, making them a target by many.

We recommend you to  play between the camps to have enough number of spawns to farm. In an hour, you are bound to come across some four to five stacks of Runecloth.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to farm Runecloth!

Mageweave Cloth Farming Guide:

Mageweave Cloth Farming Guide

In the Auction House, Wool, Runecloth, and Mageweave are said to be the most expensive cloths. The surprising thing is that it’s a lot easier to farm Runecloth and Mageweave, and still their prices are substantially  high in the market!

The Jintha’alor in The Hinterlands is one of the best places to find Mageweave cloth. In this region, you will find various trolls(elite) included in numerous quests for Horde players in the area.

On average, the trolls in Jintha’Alor are bound to drop 1-4 pieces of Mageweave Cloth. The gear and tools you use to indulge in Farming will determine how much gold you can procure in an hour.

Have a look at the list of tools you need to use while indulging in farming of mageweave cloth!

Thorium Ore Farming Guide:

Thorium Ore Farming Guide

When it comes to Thorium Ore, WinterSpring is probably the best farming location. Right from Small Thorium to Rich Thorium deposits, you are going to be amazed at the sightseeing of the edges of WinterSpring.

The best point to start is right at the eastern area of Winterspring. Begin your flying from this point, stay near the edges of the zone, and end up collecting Thorium on your way.

In one full cycle around the zone, you should land up with approx five to six stacks of Thorium. If you are lucky, you may even land up with some rare gems, ultimately doubling your profits.Other than the edges, you also have some Thorium, even in the Yeti Cave (southwest of Everlook).

However, we don’t recommend going in the cave as the time it takes to farm inside the cave, in that same outside the cave, you will land up with double Thorium.

A guide on how you could quadruple your profits farming Thorium through Winterspring !

Herbalism Farming Guide:

Herbalism Farming Guide

Do you know why Burning Steppes is considered to be a high-level zone? It is a place where one can practice Herbalism, and watch the Black Lotus spawn. Also, it doesn’t take long to cover Burning Steppes, and it eventually  plays an important factor in the farming of items.

Other than mining and Herbalism, the players are even free to farm Solid Chests in the zone. While you are dealing with mines and herbs, don’t forget to farm Solid Chests in between, after all, it’s going to increase your gold rate per hour at the end of the day.

What are the other items one can farm while practicing Herbalism?

Silk Cloth Farming Guide:

Silk Cloth Farming Guide

Razorfen Downs is one of the fewest places where you can farm both Mageweave Cloth and Silk Cloth at the same time. If you are just aiming for silk, you may feel free to ignore the gong boss and escort quest. Get rid of all the trash, and then zone out before you end up clearing the instance.

If you also practice Herbalism, then this zone will be perfect for you as you will be able to procure an extra profit. You will come across many Grave Loss, Goldthorn, and Arthas’ Tears in the dungeon. The first two have a very high selling rate in the Auction House.

There’s a lot more to Silk Cloth farming and you can know about it here!


1) Are There Other Farming Locations For The Items That We Have Mentioned Above? 

Ans: Now and then, developers keep updating Wow Classic, which may result in the rise and closure of farming locations for the items. Keeping this in mind, we have limited to the most popular farming locations for the respective items, that won’t change or update every now and then.

2) Where Can I Find Farming Guides For Other Items? 

If you have a specific item or object to farm, you may check its video walkthroughs or just read up some guides. You can also bookmark our website and keep visiting it frequently as in the coming time, we will start covering the WOW farming guides for the various not-so-mainstream items out there.

3) Does Every Farming Location Have More Than One Point Of Interest? 

Ans: Well, Yes! Other than the main item you are trying to farm, there will always be various extra other points of interest. For instance, Winterspring is a farming location for Thorium, gems, gold, and solid chests!

4) Are Wow Classic Farming Guides Different From The Standard Wow Farming Guides? 

Ans: Of course! The classic version of World of Warcraft is entirely different from the regular version and updated version of World of Warcraft, making it obvious for the farming guides to be different, even if a little!


Now and then, World of Warcraft Classic keeps updating, and that’s why we have just stuck to the main Wow classic farming guides that should get you started in the game! This was rather a quick guide, where we aimed to discuss some of the main WOW farming guides only. There are many other items and objects in the game that you can farm, but the core ones have been listed above!

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